Following President Obama’s #FarewellSpeech, Singer Tank Pleads and Sings ‘Please Don’t Go’ (Video)



Last night (Jan. 10), the nation watched as President Obama gave his farewell speech just a week and some change before he officially leaves the White House as the sitting President.

For many, it’s a sad feeling, but also a feeling of appreciation as he and his family leave the highest office in the land with class, style, and dignity.

Singer Tank is clearly one who had the feels: last night during the speech, he uploaded a video of him expressing how he feels about President Obama leaving office (in his usual humorous way, of course).

“I’m in my car and I had to pull over, cause it’s ova!” he dramatically exclaims. “Barack!  Michelle! Don’t Go!” he screams in exaggerated anguish. He then proceeds to sing his hit “Please Don’t Go,” this time with lyrics in regards to the President’s forthcoming leave from office.

“Oh, coolest President we done had so far / Oh, playa was fly, real superstar / Oh, they got this goofball to take his place / Oh, if I was Barack I’d slam the door in his face / Barack! Michelle! Please don’t go,” he sings.

Watch Tank’s humorous presidential plea below: