Indie R&B Singer Monique Nikkole Releases “Say Yes” Music Video

After going through some struggles in her life, indie R&B/Soul singer Monique Nikkole is ready to “Say Yes” to the love of her life. In the accompanying music video for her new single, she highlights her strifes and triumph of her road to marriage.

Monique began singing at an early age, but her father pushed her to step back from pursuing a career in music to acquire a college degree, because of his experience in the industry. She now works as a respectable law professional, but never lost faith about releasing her music. She wants to bring light to what goes unsaid or just hasn’t been said her way.

She credits artists like Stephanie Mills, Whitney Houston, Sherlie Murdock, Meli’sa Morgan, Diana Ross, Celine Deion, Gladys Knight and Patty Labelle for her inspiration.

Monique has owned three recording studios, two production companies, a music management company, a publishing company and film company. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial, business, and professional acumen, Monique Nikkole is a vocalist with a sincere interest in the music industry and has used her spare time to work with rising stars and artists seeking fame and entertainment fortune via her companies.


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