Kehlani’s Gay Friend Attacked, Singer Fearful Of Rise In Hate Crimes

Following Donald Trump’s presidential¬†victory in November’s U.S. presidential election, singer Kehlani fears the rise in hate crimes, especially after an old classmate and friend of hers was the victim of a hate crime because of his sexuality.

“Donald Trump is not the scary factor,” she tells Britain’s The Times newspaper. “Put me in a room with that man, I don’t care. No, I’m scared of how he exposed all the racist people in America who crawled out of their corners like roaches to be a part of this.

The singer, who proclaimed she’s bisexual, continued, “Gay people, black people are being beaten to death. A gay boy at my art school got beaten up a few days ago. We’re all really scared.”

Kehlani’s debut studio album, SweetSexySavage, is slated to drop on January 27th.