Stefon4u – No Emotions

Actor/singer-songwriter and producer Stefon Washington (Stefon4u) drops his new 90s-leaning video, “No Emotions.”

Stefon plays Puffy in the upcoming Tupac movie All Eyez On Me, and he certainly channels the hip-hop mogul in this video: from his dance moves to delivery, this sounds like a vintage Bad Boy cut!

Written by Stefon4U and produced by Noo$e Musik, “No Emotions” is about being in a situation where you physically miss the moments with an ex, however, because of all the fights and breakups, it’s hard to keep it just physical. Though there’s sexual tension, it’s important to draw the line of if anything happens, there will be no emotions.

Watch Stefon channel a young Diddy below:

Stefon explains, “A lot of people in my life would tell you I’ve been studying to be Puff for 17 years. Musically, it’s always been my vibe. It’s just the irony that I happen to be playing Puffy in the All Eyez On Me movie. I call it full circle.”