Chris Brown To Earn $15M-$20M From Clothing Line In 2016

This year (for the most part) Chris Brown laid low, but he’s still racking in the dough!

His apparel line Black Pyramid is in demand by European retailers who have been itching to place wholesale orders for what is expected to be $15 million to $20 million in revenue for fiscal year 2016, according to Michael Prendergast, chief executive officer of Maxima Apparel, a $100 million New York conglomerate that is Black Pyramid’s licensor.

Brown and Prendergast plan to erect multiple freestanding stores as part of a 10-year-plus strategy. The line is sold in 350 to 400 stores around the world including Xhibition in Cleveland, another pop-up shop in in Amsterdam, and with new stores popping up in Milan, London and Tokyo in the next three months.

“My brand is based on individuality, being your own person, self-awareness, enlightenment but also just being able to feel comfortable,” Brown told WWD. “Clothes are almost like a supersuit. It’s confidence. When somebody puts something on they feel good in, they feel confident, it feels nice. But it’s affordable,” he said. “I’m not breaking pockets because I grew up in poverty, in the ghetto. I know what the struggle is. I used to live with 13 people in a trailer park trailer with a kerosene heater so fashion and stuff like that was kind of scarce.”

We see you, Chris!