Leela James – Don’t Want You Back

Last month, acclaimed R&B/Soul singer-songwriter Leela James released her brand new single “Don’t Want You Back,” and today she is giving fans an accompanying video that portrays the powerful track’s story. Directed by the talented Chris Scholar, the video is set in south central Los Angeles and lends a cinematic styling to the song’s narrative about getting her point across to a clingy ex.

The lyrics tell the (relatable) tale about refusing to ever go back to an ended relationship, only forward.  “Two o’clock in the morning, you on my phone / Tryna talk to me and saying that you want me back / You need me back, and you say you never left me / There you go, talking that shit, same old sh*t / Don’t wanna hear that sh*t, no,” she sings on the first verse.

Leela gets gangsta in the video: her and her girls deal with her ex the best way they know how by tying him up in the middle of the street and leaving him there.

Watch below:



Don’t Want You Back is the first single off of James’s forthcoming album slated for release in early 2017. Purchase the single on iTunes HERE.