Zaki Ibrahim – ORBIT: A Postcoital Prequel EP

South African-Canadian singer-songwriter Zaki Ibrahim takes listeners into the stratosphere with her new EP ORBIT: A Postcoital Prequel.

ORBIT was released yesterday (Nov. 14th), which also marked the closest the moon has been to the earth in 70 years, as well as the kick off to the South African Summer. During this Supermoon, we are being urged to look upward, to something bigger than (but not unlike) ourselves. The project is a spiral body of music that tells a love story of twin stars. The EP was inspired by the key-stone song “Binary” from her full-length record.

The story manifested from a writing collaboration between Zaki and Heather Thompson (aka Lady Venom) and a bank of beat compositions from Maramza in South Africa.  The collaboration subsequently occurred on two continents, as Casey MQ, another beat maker, composer & writer from Brampton, Canada was pulled into the fold.

This “sci-fi soul” science exhibit and EP is a lead up to the Spring 2017 release of Zaki’s second full-length album.

Stream the soulful, intergalactic opus below:


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