Jay Z Bids On Prince’s Catalog, Late Musician’s Estate Rejects It

Before his untimely passing, Prince trusted the release of his music on Jay Z’s streaming service TIDAL, so it only makes sense that Jay would place a bid on the late musician’s music catalog. However, the hip-hop business mogul’s lucrative offer was turned down by Prince’s estate.

According to TMZ, the estate retorted in a letter that they didn’t want Roc Nation to “exploit any of [its] intellectual property assets.”


The estate is also allegedly angry that TIDAL allowed fifteen of Prince’s albums available for streaming after his death.

Jay reportedly offered the estate $40 million for Prince’s treasure trove of unreleased music. Prince’s only full sibling, his sister Tyka, and her husband, Maurice Phillips, were interested, but they do not have full rights to make decisions on a deal that big.

It seems Prince was a fan of Jay and TIDAL as a platform. Do you think the estate should lighten up a bit, or do they have a right to be upset?