Eric Benet – Insane

Send the kids to your mom or your sister’s house: Eric Benet has some “Insane” grown and sexy plans for the night.

In the steamy video for “Insane” (a track from his new, self-titled album), the singer treats his wife (played by actress Margot Bingham) to a sexy evening of candles, bubble baths, and romance.




The song is reminiscent of a Prince slow jam. The late singer is one of Benet’s musical influences. In a recent interview, Benet explained, “Everything about his artistry was so specific and so unique. He was like a genre all to himself; how many artists can you say that about?” He continued, “When he came on the scene in the late 70s, he was like this dude who was androgynous, wearing women’s underwear and a trench coat and made us slightly uncomfortable because we’ve never seen nothing like that before. But we embraced it because he wore it so authentically. That’s probably one of the more powerful and lasting legacies about Prince. It’s obvious he meant a lot to me as an artist. Obviously, I have closer ties to Prince through my wife [whom was Prince’s second wife]. The loss of him meant so much more to our family personally. We’re never going to see somebody in our lifetime just that ridiculously gifted on so many levels.”

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