Photographer Steve Parke To Release Rare Prince Photos (Preview)

Baltimore photographer Steve Parke was Prince’s art director for over a decade, and now he’s sharing tons of photographs of the late musician that have never been seen by the public.

Parke will release a book of photos called “Picturing Prince: An Intimate Portrait” that will show the singer playing basketball (like Charlie Murphy famously recalled on “The Chappelle Show”), renting out movie theaters at 4 a.m., chilling in a swimming pool, and much more.

“Part of it is just getting at the core of him as a person,” Parke told the The Baltimore Sun. “Sometimes you don’t get that feel because when they’re a public personality, what they’re like from a day-to-day perspective is very different.”

Parke used early digital camera technology to capture Prince in mundane, everyday mode. “It has a very off-the-cuff feel and a down-to-earth feel and less of a setup, because, in fact, that’s what we did. It wasn’t very planned,” he said.

Sheila E. wrote the foreword for “Picturing Prince: An Intimate Portrait,” which is published by U.K.-based Cassell.

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