Marcela Cruz Draws Inspiration From The 90s For Debut EP, ‘Here We Go Again’

Marcela Cruz is ready to give love another try, and her new project lays out all her reasoning. On her 6-track debut EP, Here We Go Again, the Boston, MA singer/songwriter delivers an autobiography on her tales of love and the “battles between the decision to stay and fight or to walk away.”

Led by the single, “Stuck On You,” on Here We Go Again, Marcela combines her fondness for riffs and vocal melodies of the 90s and early 2000s with inspiration from artists like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, and Lauryn Hill to showcase her own unique blend of R&B.

“I’ve had so many influences growing up, but I’ve always gravitated towards big voices that take me on the craziest riff rides,” states Marcela. “It has all come together to help form my own voice, which I am unashamedly ok with how it is still being created and can’t wait to see the different journeys it takes me emotionally and artistically.”

Listen to Here We Go Again and purchase if you dig.

Also available on iTunes.

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