EXCLUSIVE: Sarasota, Florida’s AngelTheStar Talks Singing Background For Musiq, Learning From Ne-Yo, Bullying, More

Sarasota, Florida native AngelTheStar fell on my radar after she submitted the heartfelt ballad, “Home (I Gotta Get There),” to Singersroom for review & placement. The singer/songwriter, who was a background vocalist for Grammy-nominated R&B veteran Musiq Soulchild, sounded so refined and polished that I had to uncover more about her and share her story with the world.

Angel, who is currently working on an EP, television show, and growing her anti-bullying campaign, spoke to us about singing background for Musiq, touring the world and learning from Ne-Yo, her mother being her biggest inspiration and more.

JusMusic: Your voice is amazing, when did you realize singing was your calling?

AngelTheStar: I knew at the early age of 5 years old that singing was not just something I could do, but what I wanted to do.

Who are some of the people and/or artists that inspired your sound and musical drive?

First, my mom, Prophetess Hines, has always been my inspiration, in life, and my music career. She reminds me constantly to stay true to who I am, and that Angel works! My other influences musically are Gospel greats such as The Clark Sisters, Brandy, Chaka Khan, Beyonce, and Micheal Jackson.

Tell us about your experience singing background for Musiq. Also, what was it like traveling the world?

My experience with Musiq, I call him Zac, was an opportunity of a Lifetime! Those four years were some of the best times in my life, and special moments with him.

Traveling the world nationally, and internationally was amazing! Being a young lady from Sarasota Florida, you don’t get those types of opportunities every day. I got a chance to experience other cultures, and see how people on the other side of the world live.

You’ve also shared the stage with artists such as Ne-Yo, Jazmine Sullivan, and Anthony Hamilton. How did that experience help shape your live performances?

It has shaped the way I do my performances tremendously! Especially Neyo, he’s such a professional, and that has taught me to be in charge from beginning, to end. Anthony Hamilton; I love his artistry. He’s so dedicated to his music and fans. I remember in a show, he performed on crunches and still gave a 150%. That taught me that the show must go on.

How did “Home (I Gotta Get There)” creatively come together and what can we expect from your upcoming EP?

That song actually was written by my Mother for me. She told me, “If anybody can reach the world with this song it would be you, Angel.” The song ‘Home’ connects with our soldiers, the Orlando Massacre, Police brutality, killing of children, husbands, wives, who will never get to come home again. After listening to the song, anyone that would hear it, would re-think how they live, and take second thoughts on where they go. When they leave their homes, with all within them, they wanna make it back home.

For my EP, you can definitely expect some heartfelt ballads; you’re gonna hear songs for all my independent women out there, as well as some fast tracks for all my people who just wanna get loose, and have a good time!

Listen to “Home (I Gotta Get There),” a record that tributes “all our soldiers and their families, and the Orlando massacre.”

Tell us about your other initiatives: Television show and anti-bullying campaign.

Honestly, I still can’t believe that I was contacted to be on a reality show! I can’t say too much, but what I can say is it concerns me finding love and trying to balance my career at the same time.

My “Stop The Bullying (The Movement)” campaign is something very dear to my heart. When I was a child, I was bullied. In my case, I was very fortunate to have parents who were very active in my life and made it comfortable for me to talk to them about what was going on at school. But so many kids these days don’t have that, so what I do is go into the schools and raise awareness concerning bullying, and how important it is to get help. In my research, I found that over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. Something is very wrong with that. For more info on how you can get involved visit my website I do have a song that’s called “Stop This Bullying (The Movement!)” that’s catered to putting a stop to bullying.

What do you love about being an artist?

With being an artist, it opens doors for you to use your artistry in such positive ways. I like when I get those calls not just to perform, but where I can sit on panels to share my experiences, and share what I’ve learned from being in the industry to the youth, who would love to be in the music business. Even when I can help a young girl out, and show her the right way to go to the positives in her life. Those are the things I treasure the most about being an artist; when I can give back.

Finally, tell us about Angel the person: likes, dislikes, etc.

I’m the most laid-back, chilled person that you would ever meet, except when I’m performing, then I’m totally different! I’m very family oriented; I like to watch football with my dad, and I give our commentary lol, especially when my teams (Florida State or New York Giants) are playing. I’m a foodie; I love macaroni & cheese with a passion. Seriously, if I wasn’t an artist, I would definitely be a food critic. I really like to read books; my favorite author and book is Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook. My only dislike would have to be getting up in the mornings.

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