Sammie declares that he’s a “different kind of ni**a” in the music video for his recently released single, “I’m Him.” In the clip, the veteran R&B singer shows his leading lady her past wrongs by displaying visions of her past relationships with her exes. Each Ex possesses different low-down characteristics including being flirtatious, having side chicks and being conniving.

The Doh Boy-produced song is a reflection of his childhood lessons on how to treat women, which have carried over to his adult life. “Imma do everything that your man won’t do / Baby I’m him,” he sings.

“I derive from an era where it was perfectly OK to praise a woman, to court her and show her off,” said Sammie. “It wasn’t solely based off her physical attributes. I felt it was time to resurrect that content that gave women hope again. That’s why I wrote it.”

Watch the visual below: