NYC Songstress Isa Showcases All Types Of Love In ‘Take It Slow’ Video

Following the release of her new single, “Good For Me,” Bronx-based singer/songwriter Isa releases the official music video for her heartfelt ballad, “Take It Slow.”

While the ballad touches on a couple’s love drifting apart, the video tells a different story; one of love coming together.

“What I love most about this video, is that it showcases different versions of love (love between a mother and child, a grandmother and grandchild, a mother in search of a companion, young couples, married couples…),” Isa explains. “It’s not just about ‘me.’ We filmed a large portion of it in my home and neighborhood in the Bronx, and I got to work with some amazing people (a lot of which have been with me on this journey as a singer-songwriter), so I’m truly grateful for the outcome. In my eyes, this is what makes the music video just as special as the song itself, which came from a really genuine and raw place.”

“Take It Slow” is the lead single from Isa’s forthcoming sophomore EP Mirrors Volume 1, due out on October 28th.