[EXCLUSIVE] 90’s R&B Group AZ YET Talks New Single ‘Love Her Mind,’ New Album ‘She’s Magic,’ Appreciating Their Fan Base, & More

Back in the mid-90’s, an R&B act from Philly named Az Yet released their Top 10 single “Last Night,” produced by Babyface, and it was a hit. “Last Night” is a serene and harmonious single that expresses the true meaning of making love to your significant other. The single was also featured on The Nutty Professor soundtrack. Az Yet was certified platinum in 1996 and released another Top 10 single “Hard To Say I’m Sorry.”

After taking some time off from the industry and touring, Az Yet released their new album, She’s Magic, last month on Cleopatra Records. “Love Her Mind” is the first single off the album, and it exemplifies the group’s smooth and tender voices once more.

Singersroom chatted with the R&B quartet about their latest musical endeavors, new single, and so much more. Fans have access to Az Yet’s new album She’s Magic on all digital platforms.

Check out the interview below!

Back on the Music Scene: (Dion Allen): We have been touring all over the world. Fans all over the world still have interested in our music. And then we took some time to spend more time with our family and children. We just needed some time out of the spotlight, but we weren’t too far (Lol).

Signing with Cleopatra Records: (Dion Allen): We signed a deal with Cleopatra Records because they work with artists who’ve previously released hits and they’re willing to promote the new album. It was just a deal that sounded right to us. We just accepted the offer when the deal was presented to the group.

“Love Her Mind” Single: (Claude Thomas): The song’s title speaks for itself. It’s our job as men to fall in love with your woman’s mind first, then her body. Marc Nelson, another member of the group, wrote the song with that thought process in mind. This record brings back the sensual and romance aspect of R&B music.

She’s Magic Album: (Dion Allen): The concept for our first album was pretty much Babyface’s idea when we were new on the music scene. But for our latest project, we are aiming for a different direction musically. On the She’s Magic album, we have ballads and club records. For this album, we just wanted the music to be balanced. We also have a remake of Brian Mcknight’s “One Last Cry,” because that was the song we had sung for Babyface before he signed us to LaFace Records.

Working with Babyface Again in the Future: (Claude Thomas): Yes, most definitely if the opportunity presents itself again. That would be great to collaborate in the studio again like old times. We have to say thank you to Babyface for everything he’s done for us. But we perform with him when he’s in town.

Adapting to Today’s Music (Dion Allen): We are not making an attempt to adapt to R&B music today. That’s not our focus. Our goal is to create solid music that people still want to listen to, and that doesn’t go out of style at all. Artists have to stay true to themselves and don’t sell themselves short.

A Huge Fan Base Still in 2016 (Kenny Terry Jr.): It’s a wonderful feeling because the fans never left us. It lets us know that people still want to hear great music from us. Even though music is changing with a new sound, fans still want us to connect with us musically. We have people come up to us and say “I had my first child because of your song Last Night.” As long as our fans want us to perform and are willing to listen to our music, we will get the job done.

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