Vina Mills Drops Powerful ‘A Birth of A Nation’-inspired Music Video For Single, “Run”

Independent singer/songwriter Vina Mills release the thought-provoking music video for her new single, ‘Run,’ an emotional story of triumph told through the eyes of slaves.

‘Run’ draws inspiration from the film, A Birth of A Nation, and the countless brutalities happening around the globe.

“In order for black lives to matter, black history has to matter[,] a truth that needs to be accepted to understand the uproars of this generation and the cries of our ancestors,” states a press release.

The rumbling of the Champion-produced track is heightened by Vina’s powerful and emotional vocal delivery.

“Run was the result of channeled anger used as inspiration to create something impactful,” said Vina. “In my opinion, the only thing that has changed from slavery to present date is the manipulation of our minds into thinking that we are all equal and free. Continually being fed the idealism of not being good enough and the desire for change all played a role in the writing process. I wrote lyrics like ‘Put dirt on my name, but my pain is power’ to express how propaganda is used to discredit our identity.”

She adds: “Run is a way to celebrate those we’ve lost in the movement both present and past while honoring our future leaders. We offer RUN as encouragement in hopes of never giving up on a dream.”

Pay attention!

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