Alexis Nicole Drops Cinematic Visual For Latest Single, ‘All Night’

Earlier this month, VA-based artist Alexis Nicole dropped a club-friendly offering called “All Night,” one that delivers what it’s like to be raptured up in the aura of that attractive person across the room.

In the Tracey Fobbs-directed music video, Alexis takes it a step further, kidnapping her target for a night of seduction, only to drop him off on the corner afterwards.

“I remember the times when music videos were a big deal. I use to enjoy watching artists videos, and seeing the grand productions behind it all. Somewhere along the way, we have gotten away from that. So, when I created the idea and treatment for this video, I made a point to try to revert back to the production style of the hype Williams, Bennie Boom, and Bad Boy “big budget” videos,” mentions Alexis.

“I feel like I owe it to my fans and supporters to give them something that they can love and appreciate. “Daybreak” is a complete story from start to finish, and I had the time of my life creating the music and visuals. I hope that it will be received well, and that it draws people further into the world of Alexis Nicole,” she adds.



“All Night” is from Alexis‘ debut EP Daybreak available for free download later this November.