EXCLUSIVE: Brianna Perry Talks Influences, Rapping, Love for Hip-Hop, Stepping Out Of The Box & More

Brianna Perry is a unique and talented artist who was introduced to hip-hop at a young age. Hip-hop was a genre that sparked Perry’s attention, and the rest, they say, is history. To keep her creative juices flowing, Perry’s parents were affiliated with Poe Boy Entertainment, a label in Miami. She started receiving hands-on experience in the rap industry, which furthered her desire to be an MC.

Now, Brianna is aiming to be the next biggest sensation in Hip-Hop. She’s already receiving notable recognition from artists like Beyonce, who posted Perry’s “Marilyn Monroe” video to her site… a major co-sign for Perry! She is also Trina’s mentee after she was featured on the Southern rapper’s Diamond Princess album. Perry’s relationship with Trina deepened after their collaboration.

Missy Elliott, the “Innovator of Hip-Hop,” also introduced her level of expertise to Perry which allowed her to refine her sound and hustle. “Being signed to Missy for three years allowed me to pick up on little things and see how much energy and effort she puts into recording in the studio and when it came time to do shows,” said Perry.

Now, Perry would like to present her charismatic style and lyrical content to the industry. She has already been featured in The Source, Vibe, XXL, New York Times, LA Times, Billboard, and the Miami Herald. She was also featured on “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop” on the Oxygen Network, and working on a movie with the legendary actor Charles S. Dutton. As you can see, Perry is eager to expand her fan base because she has a lot to offer the world!

The Miami MC spoke with Singersroom.com about her love for rapping, Beyonce, Missy Elliot, and more.

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Love for Hip-Hop Music: I was pretty much born in the studio, and I have a true passion for music. I grew up around music, and that was what I was accustomed to when I was a child. Poe Boy Entertainment is my family’s company, so I started going to the studio after school. I really enjoyed the music and knew that I wanted a career in music. Hip-hop, to me, is all about being creative but staying true to who you are as a person.
Rapping:  I started rapping ata young age. I was supposed to be doing my homework after school, and I would end up writing raps. Rapping was a great way to express myself freely and clear my head. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time in studio sessions where I would challenge myself as a rapper.
Receiving Recognition from Beyonce: It was extremely priceless. It was a special moment for me because she is an artist that I always admired when I was growing up. I studied her music and her journey throughout her career. She is just amazing.  It was just an unbelievable and surreal moment because it’s B-E-Y-O-N-C-E. She is an incredible performer and singer.
Being Under Missy Elliot’s Tutelage: Man, it was CRAZY because it was an honor working with Missy. She is dope! She is a hip-hop legend, an icon, and she taught me so many important lessons about the industry. She explained how to perform in the studio, music videos, and protect your brand. Hip-hop was new and fresh to me at the time, so I had someone in my corner who really knows this industry. It was truly a blessing because she instilled so much in me. Missy recognized my potential, and it was so encouraging as an artist. I have so many dope memories with her in the studio that I can cherish forever.
The Song “Dear Hip-Hop”:  I wrote the song based on how I was feeling about the state of hip-hop. I was expressing my own personal emotions about the musical genre. I love the record because of the meaning behind the song. I recognize that the rap industry is changing and it was my raw and personal note to hip-hop. I feel like rappers were compromising their values and self-respect for rap; it’s becoming more of a gimmick and it’s affecting our culture.
Debut Album:  I want people to know that I’m coming from a real place. I’m telling a real story, and in order for me to do that, I have to be comfortable in my own skin.  I have to live my truth.
Stepping Out of the Box: It’s all about challenging yourself and getting better as an individual. I’m just trying to be the best that I can be and allow the world to see my gift.
Receiving Recognition as a Young Artist: It feels great to receive so much attention, and people appreciate my art. I am taking everything one day at a time. I want to make music that will inspire people all over the world.
Twitter: @BRiANNAtheYRB