EXCLUSIVE: Bobby V Talks ‘Hollywood Hearts’ Film & Album, Two Decades in Music, Million Dollar Regret, The Late Prince, More

Bobby V’s resume is what new artists should strive for. With a career that spans over two decades in the music industry, the singer, songwriter, and actor shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to master his craft as an artist and musician, and lately, he has been putting in the required work to captivate fans on TV and movie screens. Drawing inspiration from the late music legend, Prince, Bobby V teamed with director Tangi B, Moore to produce his first movie, ‘Hollywood Hearts,’ which will be accompanied by a new album of the same name. I recently chopped it up with Bobby regarding the new film, and he was elated about sharing details around the making of the project and the amount of work he had to put into it. He also spoke about artistic growth, staying grounded to have longevity, haters, and more. Check it out!

What’s up bro, I see you have a movie now.

Yea, I have a movie out now; I’m excited. Something different, and it’s a blessing. I always wanted to put out a movie. I put out a project a few years ago called ‘Peach Moon,’ and I wanted to do a movie for that project, but it didn’t happen. I started working on ‘Hollywood Hearts,’ and I was like, ‘for my next album, I gotta do a mini movie.’ I didn’t wanna just put an album out because nobody cares. I started the mini movie with a video director named Ben Brown, and he brought in Tangi [Moore], and she took the mini movie and wrote a whole movie.

So, this was your idea from the start?

Yes, It was my idea, and Tangi came in and took it to a new level.

How involved were you in the production of Hollywood Hearts?

I was very involved in the process. I was the executive producer, so I paid for everything. As well as getting the cast and crew together. Tangi made it what it is; I just had the thoughts, ideas and the capital to make it happen.

What did you discover about yourself playing this lead role?

Even though I’m Bobby V in the movie, I wasn’t playing myself. I’m more of a free spirited, fun type of person; funny, cracking jokes, you know. We had to stop a few times because I would turn things into a joke. Before I did the movie, I knew I was going to do it about a year prior. I said to myself, ‘I’m doing a movie, I don’t care what anyone says.’ So I started taking acting classes, and even during the movie I was taking acting classes and I still do. I discovered that I can be whatever; I can be the funny guy because I wanted to do a little funny movie. Once Tangi got a hold of it, she made it more serious for me, a real serious role, which is good because now people can see me in a funny role and a serious role. I put a lot of time and dedication into acting; some people think they can just jump into acting, but it takes more than that to act. I went to class, and I studied and right now that’s what I want to get into more in my career.

Do you draw any similarities from this character?

Totally! A lot of things are similar to who I am. I’ve gotten to the point in relationships where I kind of don’t care what a female does because I’ve been hurt so many times; I’m like numb to it. It’s definitely similar to my life as it is now; trying to have a main girl, balancing the other women that come after me, my artistry, and career. It’s like my rendition of Purple Rain. I always look at Prince, who is an Icon; he made Purple Rain the movie and the soundtrack to the movie. I created ‘Hollywood Hearts’ and the soundtrack. I got the album coming out the same day as the movie also called ‘Hollywood Hearts.’

You mentioned Prince, what was your reaction when you heard about his untimely passing?

It was unbelievable; so many people died this year. The amount of money that Prince had, you would think that they would kick out about 100k to put a tube in him to keep him alive. Prince was one of my favorite artists. My sister loved Prince; she would have the posters in her room. I always listened to his music, but most importantly, he not only made the music, he was the man behind the music also. That is what I strive to be, an all-around artist like Prince. I want to be the artist, the producer, writer, composer, etc. That is why ‘Hollywood Hearts’ is my rendition of ‘Purple Rain.’


What was it like working on the ‘Hollywood Hearts’ set?

A lot of cast members are my personal friends, so it was a lot of fun. Just trying to get them all in character to get the job done was a lot of fun.

What do you miss the most about the set?

I miss the process. People are always ready to get to the promise. The process is what you look back on even though it was stressful; it was fun. I remember about this time last year we were sitting at the table doing table reads. We went over parts, Tangi scratching out lines like this isn’t going to work, lol. We were trying to get it together, and it was a lot of hard work. Not only was I the lead character, I was also behind the scenes making sure things get done. Making sure people have something to eat and people arrive on time. Of course, my management team helped a lot, but there was a lot on my plate. With the movie being acquired and premiering on BET, it took a lot of weight off my shoulders. It’s a lot of BS, and the process is tedious. It feels good to have this weight off my shoulders.

What will fans take away from this film after watching it?

Bobby killed that role! I really want people to take that away. People doubt you all the time but my message is whatever you put your mind to you can do it. You gonna have more people that hate you than love you. Whatever your goals and dreams are, do it! Don’t wait on anybody; do it yourself. If I didn’t do it myself, it would’ve never happened. That’s why I did ‘Hollywood Hearts,’ and Tangi made it a real movie. It took my thought process, my ideas, and going out on wings of faith to make this happen.

Other than the movie, what other projects are you working on?

Along with the movie, I also have the soundtrack that is coming out the same day. The soundtrack is also called ‘Hollywood Hearts.’ I am excited about this album. I think this album will be like the first album. I wanted to make sure the project and the album were awesome. I am excited for people to see the movie and hear the album.

You’ve been in the music business for over 20 years, how have you consistently reinvented yourself? How do you push yourself?

Having good people around you! I’m blessed to have my mom and dad, who are still together. I still go there on Sunday’s to have dinner at their house. I can go back to reality and go back to the house where I grew up. Having people around you that say, ‘you can do it.’ Of course, you have those friends that envy and hate, and you have haters too. I don’t dwell over haters because people are going to hate because they are miserable. Keeping a level head, you can be out here taking all these drugs and going crazy, because as black people, we are being conditioned to do so by rappers; to take as many drugs as you can and spend all of your money. You have to be strong-willed and have a good family behind you.

You speak about this film as if it is your greatest accomplishment. If it is not, what is your greatest accomplishment?

‘Hollywood Hearts’ is up there, but I would say my first album is my greatest accomplishment. It’s definitely up there though. How many people can say they made their own movie? Even the top artists; not even the best of the best have made a movie. I always wanted to act as a child, and to be able to do it right now in my career is surreal. I am thankful and blessed.

Over the span of your career, are there any regrets about decisions you’ve made?

Every decision is a learning lesson. There is one decision I made during my third album that I regret. I got a million dollar budget, and I spent it all recording in LA and on producers; that wasn’t necessary. I could have kept a lot of that money. I spent the whole thing even though the album was great and successful. I could’ve done the album for 50K. I could’ve recorded it at the crib like I do now, and I would have saved a lot of money. It was a learning lesson; it was the first time I got a budget that big on my own. I went and recorded in studio’s where the studio time is like $1,000 an hour. I rented the best cars and was running around doing things that were unnecessary. I think that is my biggest regret. I think everything else has been great.

So what do you think is the next phase of your career?

Movies, acting and doing albums. I am working on a clothing line. People don’t believe you when you say you are shooting a movie. When I was telling people I was shooting a movie, people were like ‘yeah, alright man!’ Now, they like ‘oh shoot, you are shooting a movie.’ When I put my mind to something at 1000%, it gets done. I pray on it, plant the seed, and it will happen.

I’m actually creating an online store, so when your clothing line is ready, we gotta build?

Definitely Bro, let’s make it happen! I’m working with a partner from Nigeria, and the clothing line will be inspired by the Nigerian culture fused with American blend.

‘Hollywood Hearts,’ starring Bobby V, DC Young Fly, Lyfe Jennings, Carl Payne and more, will air on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 at 8:00pm (ET) /7:00pm (CT) exclusively on BET Networks (check local listings). The film is directed, written and executive produced by Tangie B. Moore for Tier 2 Films.

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