NYC Singer-Songwriter Cocoa Sarai Reflects In ‘Retrospect’ Video

Sometimes you see can see things clearer in hindsight. It’s 20/20, after all. NYC songstress Cocoa Sarai takes her reflection of a past relationship to the subways in the video for “Retrospect.”

“Losing your best friend again, feels like the end…this ain’t fair, how did I get here?” she sings on the minimal, vibey track.




“Reflection is so much more than simply looking back on what has happened. There is a shifting inside a person’s spirit when they are forced to face themselves,” Sarai explains.  “When problem-solving is internal, and they may be the problem. When you realize that you are in a place in your life that you don’t recognize. How did I get here?”

Retrospect is the first of many music videos to be released off of Cocoa’s latest album Nostalgia: The Vibey EP, which you can purchase on iTunes HERE.

IG & Twitter: @CocoaSarai