Did Omarion & DJ Mustard Rip Off Chris Brown For Their 2015 Hit ‘Post To Be’? BMG Thinks So

The “Blurred Lines” verdict got the music industry all shook up!

Omarion, DJ Mustard, and Atlantic Records are facing a lawsuit from BMG Rights Management claiming their hit “Post To Be” ripped off Chris Brown’s Akon-assisted song,  “Came To Do” from his 2013 album X.

According to The Jasmine Brand, in the music company’s lawsuit, they want in excess of $300k and an injunction preventing him from continuing to illegally profit off their work.

The kicker is: Chris Brown was featured on Omarion’s “Post To Be”! However, they claim the song was not written by Breezy, rather by multiple songwriters. They claim one of the writers, Redwine, assigned 50% of the rights of the song to BMG. They suggest Omarion’s song “Post To Be” is similar to Brown’s melody, “beat placements, rhythmic durations, and pitches.”

Listen below:

They DO sound similar! But is that enough to file a hefty lawsuit over?

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