Shots Fired: Dame Dash Calls The Beyhive ‘Cowards’

Dame Dash is STILL feeling some type of way about how the Beyhive came after his family and ex-wife Rachel Roy following the whole “Becky with the good hair” debacle.

In an interview with UK magazine Grazia, Dame called Beyonce’s fan base “cowards” for not addressing the Hive for the online harassment of his family.  “Anyone who messes with a child is a coward. It was like sexual abuse. The trolls should have been put in jail for that. It was crazy,” he said.

He goes on to place the responsibility on Bey and Jay. “They should have stepped up and said something. Adults can go and harass a kid on behalf of an R & B singer?” he asked.

If you recall, Beyonce fans attacked Dame’s ex wife, fashion designer Rachel Roy, following the premiere of her visual album Lemonade and the lyrics “You betta call Becky with the good hair” fro “Sorry.” Roy fanned the flames the flames alluded on Instagram that she may be the “Becky with the good hair” who caused problems for Bey’s marriage, and the one who was behind the rumors that Jay may have cheated with.

Jay and Dame co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records and Roc-A-Wear clothing back in the day, but rumors say there’s been bad blood between the two for a while.