Janelle Monae Mourns The Loss Of Her Cousin Who Was a Victim Of a Drive-By Shooting

Janelle Monae is mourning the effects of gun violence on her family.

The singer lost her cousin Natasha Hays, 38, who was shot in a drive-by shooting while in her home in Janelle’s hometown of Kansas City.

Monae Tweeted her grief: “Gun violence has struck home. My beautiful 1st cousin was murdered. She was a mother of 3. Loved by her community. #NatashaHays #sayhername,” she tweeted.

“#KansasCity #Gunviolence is still keeping our city in a dark place. The fear of ‘who is next?’ never leaves. Praying4more light. Help us. Nobody deserves to lose their mother, sister, cousin, friend, etc to the hands of evil. Evil has no race.”

As of now, there are no leads to the suspect other than a neighbor’s description of seeing a “gray car with a sunroof and spoiler.”

NBA star Dwayne Wade also lost his cousin last week to gun violence as she was caught in the crossfire while walking down the street with her baby in a stroller.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to both Monae and Wade at this difficult time.


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