Over 200 Musicians Show Support for Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams & T.I. In ‘Blurred Lines’ Appeal

In 2015 it was ruled that the Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. collab “Blurred Lines” infringed on Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up” and as a result, the Gaye family was awarded $5.3 million in damages.

But many musicians aren’t taking that sitting down; many artists are supporting Thicke, Williams, and T.I. as they appeal the “Blurred Lines” copyright infringement verdict.

One week after attorneys for Thicke and Williams filed an appeal to overturn the verdict, 212 musicians came together to file an amicus brief in support of the pair. The amicus brief argues that the verdict will have a negative impact on the creative process of many artists, that artists will not be able to create music that draws inspiration from prior works or artists. The brief also calls for a clearer definition of what constitutes copyright infringement. Artists included in the brief include Jennifer Hudson, Earth, Wind & Fire, R.Kelly and many others.

Written by Ed McPherson, the brief explains:

“Amici are concerned about the potential adverse impact on their own creativity, on the creativity of future artists, and on the music industry in general, if the judgment, in this case, is allowed to stand. The verdict, in this case, threatens to punish songwriters for creating new music that is inspired by prior works. All music shares inspiration from prior musical works, especially within a particular musical genre. By eliminating any meaningful standard for drawing the line between permissible inspiration and unlawful copying, the judgment is certain to stifle creativity and impede the creative process. The law should provide clearer rules so that songwriters can know when the line is crossed, or at least where the line is.”

Find the full brief at The Hollywood Reporter.