Stream Jairemie Alexander’s Debut EP, ‘Kings & Queens’

Following the release of his single “High,” Seattle-based singer/songwriter-producer Jairemie Alexander releases his 4-song EP Kings & Queens. The project is what he calls “a story of the human experience: temptation, understanding, transition, awareness, and the path to enlightenment.”

According to a release:

“’High’ speaks to humanity’s greed and lust and the overcoming of these conditions, which, in a euphoric transformation enables us to become real, true and worthwhile. Clouds’ speaks of overcoming, new discoveries and the beauty of beginning anew. ‘Battleground’ is where action, movement and new found awareness struggles to rise above dark forces. It is the place where new meaning takes shape. And ‘Kings & Queens’ is a triumphant anthem, when we emerge victorious, self aware, and fulfilled.”

Purchase Kings & Queens HERE and stream the Jairemie’s debut project via Spotify below: