North Carolina-Based Singer-Songwriter Deni Rosa Releases Debut EP, ‘Like That’

North Carolina-native Deni Rosa drops her five-track EP Like That today (Aug. 19), a project that’s geared to the female ear and aims to let dudes know it’s “like that” from a woman’s point of view when it comes to relationships.

Songs like “Problem” and “Next” clap back at guys who push the wrong buttons; “Problem” is an ambient banger with sassy lyrics: “Don’t you waste my time,” she sings at one point, while she’s unapologetically moving on after an ex on “Next.”

Reach is an uptempo, light-hearted groove that gives instructions to a lover on how to please her while “The Cure” is a simmering ballad that has Rosa needing to find a remedy for a broken heart. ‘Things Of The Past” is a better showcase of her vocals as she sings about letting go.

Stream Deni’s debut effort below: