[Concert Review] Jill Scott Brings Real Music & Love To The Apollo Theater

For over a decade, Jill Scott has blessed the stage with her unbreakable spirit, incredible voice, sense of humor, frankness, and captivating smile. Scott’s voice is unforgettable! After she released her debut album Who is Jill Scott, R&B fans were mesmerized by her voice and inner beauty. She also launched a career as an actress, poet, and model which exemplifies a high level of dexterity and would like to further expand her artistry.

Last week on Tuesday (Aug. 9th), Philly soul diva Jill Scott gave an enriching performance at the historic Apollo Theater. Apollo Theater partnered with Live Nation and advertised the sold-out concert on various mediums including social media and radio. Jill Scott, one of the most prolific artists in soul music, was coming to the Big Apple!

Scott brought along special guest, poet Georgia Me as her opening act. The audience wasn’t quite familiar with her, but the poet/comedian kept New Yorkers entertained while Jill was backstage. She kept audience riveted with controversial topics such as sex, relationships, God, and the world itself.


The voluptuous R&B songstress was ready to blow her fans away when she stepped her on stage after a 30-minute intermission. For two hours, the reigning Neo-soul queen  had her fans spellbound during her set. She began with her single “Golden” as a way to remind her fans why they fell in love with her in the first place with her certified powerhouse vocals. She then performed  fan faves including “Gettin In the Way,” “A Long Walk,” “Cross My Mind,” “Hate on Me,” “God Bless The Child,” “Blessed,” “Fool’s Gold,” “Can’t Wait,” “So Gone,” “He Loves Me,” and new singles from her latest album Woman including “Jahraymecofasola.” Each time Scott sings, she allows us to paint a picture about a variety of subjects.

Scott was also candid with her fans, talking about femininity, feeling empowered, family, putting God first in life, and not being afraid to be sensual and affectionate with your significant other. She also talked about heating things up and resisting temptation in the bedroom because it can be quite challenging when you’re mutually attracted to one another. Scott also gave New York natives another opportunity to witness her incredible voice and stage presence; she performed for the second time in New York City on Sunday, August 14th at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Jill Scott put on a great show at the legendary Apollo Theater. If you have a chance to see Scott in person, make sure you do; you won’t be disappointed!

Photo Credit: Shahar Azran / APOLLO THEATER