Rising Crooner Nuwamba Tries To Make Sense Of The ‘Unusual’ Turn His Relationship Takes

Soul singer Nuwamba is bringing back the smooth, neo-soul sound with his single “Unusual,” the first from his sophomore album Love Ase.

“Unusual ” that tells the story from his point of view of his experience leaving an empty relationship that at one time had been a progressive, loving one. The visual sees his woman pulling away from the relationship, while Nuwamba tries to make sense of it all.

Born and raised in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Nuwamba began his love affair with music while in grade school. By his Senior year in high school, he began writing songs and performing in multiple groups that shared his eclectic style of making music and fusing it with hip hop, indie soul, and R&B. At the top of the millennium, Nu began traveling back and forth to Atlanta to take his career to the next level. He linked up with William Griggs and created a co-venture to release his soul-filled 2005 debut album on Griggs imprint called Chocolate Soul.

Purchase “Unusual” on iTunes HERE.