Motown’s Kevin Ross Re-Releases Motivational Single ‘Be Great’ With Black Lives Matter-Themed Video

Kevin Ross re-releases the Black Lives Matter-inspired visuals for his uplifting single, “Be Great” feat. Chaz French. The recent tragic shootings in Baton Rouge, Dallas, Minneapolis and Orlando inspired Kevin to re-introduce “Be Great,” with the goal of offering to heal through music and encouraging unity in this time where hate and divisiveness seem so prevalent in our society.

The video is about a young black man whose brother was killed by a group of overzealous police officers. While his mother and sister mourn with tears and the community gathers to stage yet another Black Lives Matter rally, the subject of the video’s pain manifests itself as rage. He decides to launch an attack against the police to exact revenge, but in a moment of clarity, he sees the humanity in the officers and realizes that violence is not the answer to the injustices he’s seeing in the world around him.

“Unfortunately, fear plays a huge role in the relationship between black families and the police,” says Kevin. “Fear creates hatred, misunderstanding, and ignorance within both entities. Everyone wants to go home to their families. That should always be the bottom line. No one should ever feel like they are being hunted.”

“Black Lives Matter is a necessary statement and a movement that needs to be heard,” Kevin continues. “I think our country has gotten so desensitized to black lives being taken that it’s not news anymore. The truth is that we’re all children of God and anytime a life is taken by any man, it’s terrible and heartbreaking. I want my music to bring people of all races, religions, and sexual orientation together so we can wake up the world. Humanity needs love more than ever right now and what better way to deliver that message than through song.”

“Be Great” was originally released in March of this year, and was featured on the soundtrack of an episode of popular ABC drama, Grey’s Anatomy, which is how the song first garnered mainstream attention. The original visuals for “Be Great” serve as an acknowledgment of the angst of a generation frustrated by police brutality and racism that often leaves its members feeling invisible to the rest of the world.


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