Atlanta Duo The Redland Talk Love for Music, Launching The Group, Alternative R&B/Hip-Hop, More

The Redland is an potent, new, uplifting rap group that would like to introduce a new prototype to hip-hop music. They classify their musical style as “R&B and Hip-Hop,” their sound a mixture of Tupac, Common, Talib Kweli, and Public Enemy. The Redland’s musical composition is noteworthy because of delivery and content. Their music reminds us why hip-hop should go back to the basics: realness.

The Redland are comprised of Earvin and Kose, two college friends from Morehouse College who decided to pursue a music career that would enrich our souls and keep listeners engaged. Earvin and Kose incorporated a style that will allow listeners to an eyebrow and question your own mental acuity.

To hear more of their music, Earvin and Kose will release a five-song EP on August 23rd that will be distributed by eOne Distribution. chatted with the R&B/Hip-Hop duo from Atlanta about their love for music, creating their sound, and what’s next for the group.

Coming Up with Their Name, “The Redland”
Kose: The Redland represents the Redlands of Oklahoma and Louisiana. We were influenced by the way that name that fits both of our musical roots. Earvin and I are from the South, and that’s where our musical journey started; The Redland sounds funky to us, and we just stuck with the name.
The Redland Discovering Their Love for Music
Earvin: I met Kose when we were in Morehouse, and we both realized we enjoy making music. Both of us already have a keen ear for music, but we were able to mesh both of our skills together. Kose will come up with beats on the keyboard, and I will just start freestyling. My raps caught his attention because this is what music should sound like on the radio. The artists should create music especially for those that don’t have a voice. The music is supposed to speak the truth, and so we started taking our music more seriously. We started to grow a fanbase on campus because we started inspiring others with our art.
Classifying Their Music as an Alternate Sound 

Earvin: You can think of our music as little kids who watch television who like to change the channel after a while. Kids can’t look at the same program because they want to try something different. And the same concept applies to us because we listen to all forms of music.

Kose: Our music is an alternative sound because we like to look at every aspect of music. The end product may be a hip-hop, R&B, or pop record because each genre has certain elements we look into while making music. You can’t just put us in a box or label us as one musical genre. We have fun making music, but we can’t just be something that we’re not, it wouldn’t be real.

The Redland’s Musical Composition
Earvin: I don’t like to put our music in a specific box because people have the option to categorize our music. My job as an artist is to create music that people can understand and identify what needs to be said on songs. I am open to ideas, but we have to stay true to ourselves and our music. We make music so it can have a greater effect on people.
Working on The Redland EP and Increasing Fan Base

Earvin: For the EP, we thought it was a good idea to focus more on the nightlife of Atlanta. We thought about the concept thoroughly so people can get a feel of the “real Atlanta.” Even if the person never visited Atlanta, our music captures an inclination of the city. We also wanted to write about topics that would be relatable to people and would influence others in a positive way.

Kose: Our music is all about evolution. We look at the artists that came before us and how each of them motivated us to create music that would be meaningful. Our influences, Tupac, Common, and John Legend influenced us to make a sound that would be real for us and appealing to people. And that is an accomplishment, but we’re always working. I look at it as a race almost because you’re trying to reach a specific mark as an artist. You can take it as far as it can go but you have to stay true. Your labor and love for music will take you places, but you have to believe in your music. Our approach to music is strong, and it’s what we respect. We understand that words have power, and we have embraced the calling that comes along with music.

Future Projects
Earvin: For now, we don’t look into the future too much because you don’t want to jump ahead. We are working on a song called “More Than Beautiful,” and it’s a pretty song that will more than likely bring people together.  The song is about embracing the joy of meeting new people. It is a good way to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the positive impact that people can have in your life or even for a moment in time.
To learn more about The Redland, their social media is @TheRedland, and visit their website HERE.  
Watch their latest video, “No Sleep Remix,” below: