[Interview] Atlanta Girl Group Glamour Talks Getting Cosigned By Major Names, Being Under The Wing of Former Xscape Member, Kandi Burruss, More

Glamour is a new melodic R&B trio who can introduce girl groups to mainstream music again. Moriah, Kaylan, and Lady are three hard-working teenagers who were given the opportunity to sing professionally due to their unique musical style. Glamour’s style is a mixture of TLC, Xscape, 702, SWV, Destiny’s Child, and Spice Girls all in one and under Kandi Burruss’ leadership, they can be crossover artists.

The trio’s voices are harmonic and their dance moves are electrifying, especially when they perform live on stage. Glamour is already making a name for themselves by singing covers from various artists. The ladies performed for Bossip’s Fresh Cut series and the national anthem at the Atlanta Hawks game against the Hornets. Popular artists such as Brandy, Fantasia, and Kelly Rowland also recognize the ladies’ God-given talent, labeling them the “next Destiny’s Child.” They are a huge sensation on social media, with 15.8K likes on Facebook, over 50.1K followers on Instagram and over 5 million views on YouTube with almost 47k  followers.

The young ladies chatted with Singersroom.com about working with Grammy award-winning artist, Kandi Burruss, being signed to her label, notable artists recognizing their talent, and more.


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Launching the Group:  We all met at a performance camp in Atlanta by the name of AGI Entertainment. We didn’t know each other before the camp, but we clicked. We formed a sisterhood, and the rest was history.
Coming Up with the Group Name Glamour: We came up with the name Glamour as a way to let young women know that it’s okay to be sexy and confident but not conceited. As young ladies, we can enhance our beauty by staying true to yourself. But for the world to pay attention to your beauty, you have to believe in yourself and know your worth.
Who is Glamour: A group with style, flavor, sophistication, and with voices. I think that’s what we want people to know; we’re not like everyone else. You can still be yourself and not to stick with the status quo. We kept our dream alive and not letting anyone deter us from living out our dreams. We found our passion and we’re making our dreams come true, and that’s what Glamour is all about.
Meeting Kandi from Xscape for the First Time: Kandi works with our creative director, Brandin Jay. He introduced us to her, she liked our sound and has been working with us ever since. Brandin Jay told Kandi “you should check out my girls, they’re really talented.”  We sang for her, and she really liked our voices. We were signed to her label after we performed at her office.
Important Lessons Kandi Taught You About the Industry: Kandi explained to me why it’s important to stay together and stay humble.  We have to keep God first, and there is no “I” in team.  Kandi was in a group before so she knows the ins and outs of the business.  She knows the good, bad, and ugly so she said you must do everything that you can to protect your careers. Kandi goes to the studio from time to time to check in on what we’re doing and shares her input on the creative direction we should go for certain songs.
Being Recognized by Notable People in the Industry: It’s a great feeling because these are artists you looked up to when you were a kid. To receive recognition from Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child and other artists, it’s amazing.
Latest Projects: We are in the studio working on original material. But for now, we’re singing covers so people can get use to our voices and us as artists. People can familiarize themselves with our work.