All In The Family: Shaggy Tells Music Choice His Son Robb Banks Also Caught the Music Bug

Dancehall/Pop artist Shaggy stopped by Music Choice to promote his newest single “I Got You” ft. Jovi Rockwell. During his interview, he reveals his son, rapper Robb Banks, has the musical touch as well.

“I’m incredibly proud of what he’s doing and he’s always been a kid that was into music man he’s been around it. We went to Europe together, we’ve done trips together, he’s been on stage with me,” he says.

“He sucked at everything else, I mean grades were s***, everything else was s***,  cause he was it was tunnel vision it was kind of like how I was you know man I sucked at everything else music was the only thing that mattered,” he says.

Listen to proud papa Shaggy below: