St. Louis Songwriter/Producer Jaylien Is Stalkerish In ‘Hotel Costes’ Video, Drops ‘Summer’s Over’ EP

Multi-platinum producer/songwriter and R&B artist Jaylien follows his desires (literally) in the video for “Hotel Costes,” a track from his debut EP Summer’s Over.

The clip sees the artist following a woman who catches his eye; he follows her on the subway, and she nonchalantly brushes him off — she handles it better than most!

About the song, Jaylien told The FADER, “I went to Paris for Paris Fashion Week. It was my first time and the greatest eight days of my life. In between each show, before every after party, everyone would meet up at Hotel Costes. It’s like the playground for the cool. When I left Paris, I wanted to make a song about how it felt to be there. This song is the soundtrack to my Paris experience.”

Jaylien’s project Summer’s Over is his musical coming out party: he’s been in the game for ten years working behind the scenes with Akon, Chris Brown, Quincy Jones, Britney Spears, T.I., and more. Just like the people he’s worked with before, his sound is also a sonic mix.

Stream the project below: