Atlanta Crooner B. Trenton Is One To Watch Out For, Drops Debut Project ‘Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts’ EP

Atlanta crooner B. Trenton steps onto the music scene with a solid seven-track EP titled Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts. The singer is looking to make his own mark in the industry by providing his reflections on life, balancing internal flaws, love, and whatever thoughts that choose to visit his mind after a few drinks. If you’re craving harmonies, soulful phrasing and melodies, and real lyrics, Trenton has you covered.

Between three interludes are four full-length songs that are breaths of fresh air; the title track features a sped-up sample of Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo’s duet “Nothing Even Matters” as the background to Trenton’s tale of “facing his demons.” “French Kiss” is another satisfying sensual song about an intimate encounter that’ll have you swaying along to Trenton’s falsetto and background harmonies.

On “Devil’s Cup,” Trenton battles temptation and questions religious dogma while “Pour A Little Liquor” brings out libations to remember those who have passed away.  “If you know you got an angel in the sky / Pour your cup up and put your drink up high,” he sings on the bridge.

B. Trenton is more eager to be heard than be seen and thrives on his music doing the talking for him. He provides a refreshing dichotomy of newness you can’t quite put you’re finger on, yet still, provides a pleasantly-familiar sound. This is the official introduction of B. Trenton.

Stream Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts below.