SMH: Conrad Murray Writes Tell-All Book About Former Patient Michael Jackson, Calls It ‘This Is It’

As if he wasn’t one of the most hated men in the world already: Michael Jackson’s former doctor Conrad Murray is prepping the release of a tell-all book about his superstar patient called (get this) “This Is It,” the same name of MJ’s final tour that never happened due to his medical negligence.


Murray was convicted of manslaughter for MJ’s 2009 death, and served four years in an L.A. prison, but now he’s trying to profit off of the man’s death that he was convicted of murdering by spilling the beans of MJ’s alleged romps with Vegas call girls, dressing up as a clown, and faking accents to get dates with women.

The kicker is this: Murray claims Michael wanted him to come out with this information.

I’m going to need Conrad to have several seats…