Brandy’s Label CEO Fires Back After She Files Lawsuit Comparing Contract To ‘Slavery’

Brandy’s legal drama continues…

Yesterday, it was reported that Brandy filed documents in New York claiming her label Chameleon Entertainment is purposefully blocking her from releasing new music. Reports say the documents quote the sentiments of the late Prince, saying she’s being treated like a “slave.”

A spokesperson for Chameleon Entertainment CEO, Breyon Prescott, has retorted back, saying Brandy is doing all of this for publicity. Brandy’s New York lawsuit is the second go-around, so they’ve fired back once again — and they have receipts this time!

The spokesperson says Brandy’s most recent attempt to file against the label was because the one filed in California was dismissed, proving the singer doesn’t have a case. They’ve provided the documents below:







The spokesperson adds:

Once again Brandy has succumbed to desperate measures by attacking my clients instead of facing the reality of her current status. Last week, a judge in California dismissed her first attempt to drum up publicity at the expense of my clients; and now she has resorted to filing additional ridiculous claims in the state of New York.

Her reckless words and accusations that she entered into a contract that is comparable to slavery, given the current state of the country, are irresponsible and a flat out lies. Brandy and her lawyer reviewed and accepted an agreement with Chameleon. Chameleon then secured a distribution deal for her, which has been on the table for 2 years; Brandy, still under contract with Chameleon, has refused to sign the deal that would secure her distribution and funding for future projects.

Taking a risk by signing an artist that hasn’t had a chart single success since the early 2000’s, Chameleon and its CEO Breyon Prescott are disappointed that Brandy has resorted to conjuring fictitious accusations instead of constructively discussing her contractual concerns or status with a company and the colleague that she once stated as her biggest supporter.

Prescott and his spokesperson maintain that Brandy refused to sign a contract with Epic, that was worth $600k with a $75k advance.

“Prescott managed to get Brandy a new contract at Epic, the label asked for a 360 deal– one in which they would get a cut of her other businesses like tours and merchandise. That way, if a new album bombed, they’d be protected. (As touring has overtaken record sales in revenue, 360 deals are common nowadays.)…Brandy stalled, and never signed the contract. There were no other offers. No other label wanted her, and so she did not make a new record,” they maintain.  


Wow, they really came with a strong case! What do you think, Roomies? Is Brandy trying to muster up some publicity?