Oops! Kelly Price Comes Under Fire For Unknowingly Singing R&B Hit at Gospel Show

Kelly Price faced harsh criticism after her performance at the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration. She’s come under fire for singing her biggest R&B hit “As We Lay” during Gospel portion of the show.

Naturally, audience members were outraged that Price would sing such a scandalous song during the Gospel portion of the event, but the whole thing was just a huge misunderstanding.

Kelly explained in a series of Facebook videos how she was told to perform her songs, not specifically her gospel songs at the Expo. She was originally scheduled to go on well before the Gospel portion, but her time was pushed back, landing it right in the middle of the sanctified set.


In her videos, Kelly expressed anger over people who ridiculed her for performing the song. She expressed anger towards the church crowd who she said expressed hate towards her. “I think this type of ignorance and this type of church bigotry is ridiculous and it’s the reason why people won’t come to church.” 

The Indiana Black Expo has since released a statement to clarify the situation and to apologize to Kelly for the misunderstanding. Producer Rico Love and contemporary Gosel artist Tasha Page Lockhart even came to Kelly’s defense: