R&B Group After 7 Is Back with Their Newest Single, ‘Let Me Know’

R&B group After 7 is back with their recent single, “Let Me Know”. Last we heard from After 7, they were releasing their single “I Want You” and discussing the state of R&B.  “Let Me Know” is from their Timeless album.

“Let Me Know” is very much in the vein of the 90s R&B style we have come to know from After 7. The track speaks about how regardless of the issues that we go through in relationships and what they say in the streets, we can overcome it all “as long as you love me”.

When the chorus of the song dropped, I thought that Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” was going to start playing; the vocals, melody and harmonies sound nearly identical!

Purchase “Let Me Know” on iTunes HERE.