Blushhh Music Attempts To Bring That “Old School Back”, But They Fall Flat

Blushhh Music has released their newest single “Old School Back”. “Old School Back” looks to bring fans back to the 90s. It’s laced with a sample of Lil Kim’s “Crush On You” and features the girls rapping and singing. According to the group’s website, their forthcoming  debut album Old School Hip Hop Past, Present and Future will be  “filled with upbeat and mid-tempo” tracks.

“Old School Back” is directed by Matthew Knowles. The track is commendable in its approach for wanting to bring people back to a memorable era; the vibe is fun with 90s throwback vibes when it comes to the clothing, dancing, etc. As far as the song and the video both are lacking. There isn’t anything to memorable about the track, the lyrics are uninspiring, and there isn’t a single line that’s memorable other than the chorus and that only happens to because it’s the title of the song repeated over and over again.

For those who aren’t familiar, Blushhh Music hails from Houston, TX and is managed by Matthew Knowles, the former manager of Destiny’s Child. One thing to remember when discussing Blushhh Music is not to refer to them as a “girl group” but as a hip-hop trio. The trio is comprised of rappers, Sunni and Bunni Ray, and vocalist, Tali.