Texan Crooner Shun Ward Is ‘So Scared’ Of Infidelity

Texan artist Shun Ward (Christopher DeShun Ward) caters to the insecurities of men with his new video “So Scared.” The clip shows Ward as he shows that’s men are just as caring in a relationship as women, and sometimes men are a bit insecure as well.

He tosses and turns with the fear that his girl is cheating on him. The drama escalates when he takes matters into his own hands by grabbing his gun in the emotion of the moment, but is he overreacting?

This video drama also stars fellow Houston artist, Stunna Bam.

Taking an interest in music at an early age, Shun’s path would temporarily be delayed after being incarcerated at just 21-years-old. Using the ordeal for personal motivation, at 22 he would emerge a more mature artist, vowing to take back control of his career. Focusing on songwriting and recording, in 2011 Ward would release his debut EP, The Prelude to Shun Ward City, paving his path into the industry. Collaborating with some producers overseas, he followed up with “What’ Your Name,” his first EDM track.

After appearing on Texas legend Devin The Dude’s One For The Road album, Ward finally released his first independent album, Shun Ward – USA (Under Shun’s Authority). After dropping the Derek Flyn-assisted single “Hot Pursuit” in Spain, Ward linked up with Yung Martez for an MTV feature banger called “When I Call.” He’s also earned himself a place on Katt Williams’ upcoming American Bad Boy film with the single “Get Away.”