Missy Elliott Adds Verse To Fall Out Boy’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme Song, ‘I’m Not Afraid,’ & The Reviews Aren’t Good

Ray Parker Jr.’s 1984 original “Ghostbusters” theme song goes down in history as one of the most recognizable movie soundtrack songs, and this summer’s Ghostbusters remake also gets a musical remake.

Fall Out Boy takes the original groove and flips it into an edgy rock song, and with Missy Elliott giving it some a Hip-Hop flavor, one would think it would be something almost in the vein of Aerosmith and Run-DMC’s “Walk This Way.”

But this version may not go down in history like the original. Overall reviews of the song aren’t good; Idolator called it “a big joyless thud of a cover,” and Polygon says it features “sadness.” Dang.

Missy Elliott’s short verse seems like a last minute addition, not to mention, her verse doesn’t seem to fit well. While I can’t hear this on the radio, I CAN hear this playing comfortably during the rolling end credits.

What do you guys think of this remake, Roomies?