Ladies, After Watching This, You May ‘Overdose’ On Alv3ster

Once you get a glimpse of dancer/singer Alvester Martin (also known as ALV3STER) in action, you just might “Overdose.”

Having danced for Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Rihanna, Martin is now putting his vocals to use with his newest solo video/single Overdose”, and there’s plenty of abs and gyrating to go around for your daily dose of eye candy!

“I’ve always loved music and dance as a form of expression, however when I first moved to L.A., my aspirations were to sing,” shares Martin. “Dancing got my foot in the door and a cherished opportunity to work with some insanely talented A-list celebrities, but singing has always been my greatest passion.”

Though Martin spent much of his time on the road as one of the industry’s most sought after dancers, the Miami -native honed his craft by working with celebrity vocal coach extraordinaire, Stevie Mackey. In 2014 he headlined the Impressions Tour where he was able to showcase his formidable singing skills.

Martin starred in Michael Jackson’s “A Place With No Name” video, and will star this Fall on Lifetime TV’s series Black Magic with Vivica Fox. He’s also prepping his debut album Love Me or Leave Me.