Mary J. Blige Dishes On Kanye-Collab: “It’s Incredible”

Earlier this month, Mary J. Blige’s A&R Eddie Fourcell dished on a pending collaboration with Kanye West for her next album. Now Mary herself is dishing on the collab to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don’t want to give up the name of the song yet, but the album is mostly complete,” the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul told The Hollywood Reporter. “But I absolutely got a chance to work with the great Kanye West. And the song is crazy—I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

The title of the song is yet to be revealed, but she dished about how it sounds in great detail.

“The flavor of the track starts off with piano keys,” she said. “It’s very dramatic in the beginning and it goes into a loud horn. That is, like an old sample horn. And then this gigantic beat kicks in and I sing. He rhymes after my two verses. It’s incredible. He kills it. I wish I could give you the title, you’d flip but I just can’t do it yet.”

Sounds like quite the jam.We’ll hear it sooner or later!