Scam? Jay Z & Rihanna Sued By Nigerian Promoters For Ditching 2013 Concert

Rihanna and her label Roc Nation are getting hit with a lawsuit.

TMZ reports that Nigerian promoter Chris Ubosi says his company, Megalectrics, paid two people (who said they represented the singer, Roc Nation, and Jay Z) $425,000 for the star to do a 65-minute concert back May 2013.

Ubosi claims they took his money, but Rihanna never showed up for the concert. Ubosi said her team asked to postpone the show, and he did. He wanted Rihanna to post the rescheduled date on her social media, which never happened, according to the lawsuit. So Ubosi canceled the concert, and he claims never got his money back.

Insiders close to Rihanna tell TMZ the promoter was the victim of a scam and that Rihanna nor Roc Nation knew anything about the concert and her team never took any money.

Sounds like a scam to me!