Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick of Soul Collective INCOGNITO Links Up With Maysa For Smooth Number, ‘All I Ever Wanted’ (Lyric Video)

UK singer, guitarist and producer, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick is the creative force behind Incognito, the world-renowned funk/jazz/soul/dance outfit collective. He curated Incognito’s anticipated 17th studio album, In Search of Better Days, which is headed by this smooth, jazzy single “All I Ever Wanted” featuring “the voice of Incognito”,” Maysa.

The collaboration offers the smooth, soulful sound Maysa and Incognito is known for, and the content is about wanting to feel appreciated. “All I ever wanted was just to be needed, needed by you,” Maysa sings.

About the title of the album, Maunick says, “We are living in troubled times and I see the plight of the young in my neighborhood, the refugee crisis in London and all over Europe. Corruption. Child abuse. There is political, religious and financial misguided ideology all around the globe,” expresses Bluey. “My trade is music and social awareness, and as such, I am fully aware of those In Search Of Better Days, including myself!”

In Search Of Better Days will arrive on June 24th and features numerous special guests including singer/pianist Avery*Sunshine who plays piano on “I See The Light.”

Soothe your soul with Incognito and Maysa’s latest collab.