Tamar Braxton Opens Up About ‘The Real’ Firing, Scores Her Own Talk Show

Tamar Braxton is breaking her silence.

After the rumors about her getting the boot from daytime talk show “The Real,” Tay is revealing her side of things.

Tamar told her side of the story on The Steve Harvey Morning Show today (June 2), and revealed how she found out about the news she had been fired. She says she was blindsided. “I wish I could sit here and tell you that it was negotiation issues, that it was a headache on set, but it wasn’t. I really honestly don’t know,” she said.

This contradicts the rumors that Tay had beef with three of her co-hosts, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, and Jeannie Mai. This also contradicts rumors that Tamar was fired for being difficult to work with and often berated crew members and staffers. Early on, a source told Love B. Scott of a crazy incident:

“It was an ugly scene. Pinterest was sponsoring the segment and Tamar was genuinely upset she was losing the game. She really acted out during the taping in front of the studio audience and then exploded behind the scenes once the show was done. Producers had to heavily edit the segment to make it presentable to air on TV, but the sponsor was on set for the segment and witnessed it all,” the source explains.

Steve Harvey explained that in the television business, it’s common practice to be let go for a network for no foreseeable reason other than “going on another direction.” “Television is a very unsafe business, it’s like playing pro-football,” he said. Could it be because producers though Tamar was too “ghetto” for the demographic they’re trying reach?

At any rate, Tamartians should be happy to know that Tay’s run on the small screen isn’t over; Harvey signed her to his production company, and she’s getting her own talk show. While some people are ecstatic about the news, others feel she’s too much for the daytime TV.

Tamar makes the announcement at the 2:40 mark.

So Roomies, what do you think of the news?