[Premiere] R&B/Dancehall Artist Heather Flowerz Releases Sassy, Self-Love Single ‘Bite The Bullet’

Reggae singer/songwriter and producer Heather Flowerz gives Singersroom the premiere of her new single “Bite The Bullet” a powerful stance about loving yourself first, so that no one will treat you less than what you deserve, leaving you to “bite the bullet.”

Flowerz confidently blooms in her native patois on the chill groove, “Oooo why you do me like that? Left me to bite the bullet…/ You think that you’re a king, you just a thot in disguise, surprise, surprise / Take your finger off the trigger.”

With her father recently released from prison after serving 25 years to life sentence and taking care of her ailing mother, the vivid imagery present in her music comes from a very real, very personal foundation. Heather wants her sound to reflect redemption, hope and the better aspects of life.

“I believe everything happened to build me into who I am today. I want my music to inspire others to believe in themselves, as my musical influences did, no matter what pain and heartache you’ve been through. My personal goal is to change the standard of how the industry expects African American girls and boys to look and sound,” Flowerz states. “Music is not about race, color, money or age; only about connection.”

Bite The Bullet” is from her forthcoming EP being released through her own imprint 1Luv Muzic Group.