Prince’s Infamous ‘Yellow Cloud’ Guitar Heads To The Auction Block

Prince could play 27 musical instruments, now one of them can be yours soon.

Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills will soon put the custom “yellow cloud” guitar (one of the guitars used by Prince in his “Cream” and “Gett Off” videos) up for auction beginning on June 24. The opening bid is $30,000.

The guitar’s current owner Richard Leece bought it over a year ago from Heritage Auctions. “I’ve been a Prince fan since I was a little kid, and that guitar always stuck out to me because it was super cool and stylish,” he said. “Unfortunately, as morbid as it is, when people pass, their items become more valuable,” Leece said. “I think something as valuable as this could be is risky to continue to have in my possession.”

The guitar will come with a letter of authenticity from Prince’s guitar technician Zeke Clark, who reveals the neck of the instrument was broken in 1994 in France.

Also included in this auction are some of Prince’s record sales awards and few of his demo tapes featuring the songs “My Love Is Forever” and “Jelly Jam.”