Detriot Trio DMK Go ‘Major,’ Score Roles On FOX’s ‘Empire’

Female R&B group, DMK is back with their latest single, “Major”. DMK has been steadily releasing music over the last few months including, “Love the Way You Love Me” and “On My Way Over”. “Major” is their latest single set on aiding them in achieving their goal of making girl groups popular in R&B music again.

“Major” takes the same unapologetic approach we have seen from DMK in other singles; the song s about knowing that when you have a good man in your life, you don’t have to wait for him to make the move to “seal the deal”.  With their impactful harmonies, DMK is making it known, “You’re the one I want to make my baby / You treat me so good / Can’t believe it’s really real  / Boy I knew it from the jump”.

Response for the single has been promising in the short time it has been out with comments such as, “Dope” and “I LOVE IT!!! Y’all not playing with these video releases! Can’t wait for the project to drop! #detroitstandup” . “Major” can be found on their self-titled debut EP set to be released May 11th, 2016. On that night, DMK is slated to appear on Fox’s hit TV show, Empire.

When asked about goals for their music, group member Melanee simply says, “It’s time for girl groups to make a comeback in R&B music. We want to be that group.” Well, it looks like they’re on their way!