Watch The Lyric Video For Carolyn Malachi’s Jazzy Single, ‘Blowing Smoke’

Last month, Grammy-nominated artist Carolyn Malachi delivered her new single “Blowing Smoke,” now here’s the lyric video for your viewing pleasure.

About the inspiration behind the song and her forthcoming album, Malachi says:

“‘Blowing Smoke’ is inspired by actual events, moments during which self­-encouragement positively altered the way I experience reality. She continued, “After two years of unemployment, I accepted a position at a community college. The date was November 22, 2010. Then, on December 1, my song “Orion” received a Grammy Award nomination. I thought the news would spread like wildfire at work, and that success would instantly follow. Neither happened. Apathy stabbed like a dagger.

I had to constantly tell myself that I would accomplish the things no one believed I could do. This is what I mean by “Blowing Smoke,” and doing so changed my life.

Pre­work hours were dedicated to administrative upkeep of my brand. Often, my closed­door lunch hour concealed team conference calls, MUA sessions and stylist fittings. Rehearsals, voice lessons and recording sessions happened after work. Frequently, for weekend performances, I would fly out on Friday evening and return on Monday morning with less than an hour before work began.

None of my #wheelsup posts, local hype or national television appearances mattered at the office; my leaders always held me accountable for my work product, as they should have.

“All Right” hit radio in 2013. I would catch my colleagues humming the song to themselves. Students would schedule appointments with me to discuss their aspirations of becoming a singer. They would often ask, “When are you leaving” or “Why are you still here”?” I felt that I had something to prove, to myself and to every potential game changer guilty of saying “I would follow my dream, but my job (or any other perceived obstacle) gets in the way”.

I dedicated myself to my craft full time in 2014, when I became adept at “Blowing Smoke”. The adventures that followed made way for the stories, which became the songs on my coming album: RISE [Story 1].”

Purchase “Blowing Smoke” on iTunes HERE.